Basler Zeitung interview

Basler Zeitung interview

Ana recently gave an interview to Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung. The following is an extract from the question-and-answer session:
You are Serbian, but since you were 14, you’ve lived in Switzerland. Nowadays you still live in Basel. Can you tell us why exactly Basel?
My manager Dan Holzmann is from Basel – I first met him there when I was 14. He provided me with incredible support, he really organized my whole career when I was a junior, so it made sense to be close to him and get an apartment in Basel. The offices of my sponsor, Juice PLUS+, which Dan owns, are also in Basel, and they’ve supported me since I was 15. My coaches during my junior days were mostly from Switzerland, so I wasn’t too far from them either.

You travel all year all around the globe, how often are you actually in Basel?
It’s a very unusual lifestyle for sure. We spend a lot of time in America and Australia – usually I hit the road for two months at a time. So unfortunately I don’t have much opportunity to spend time at home – just a few times a year really.

When you are here, what do you enjoy doing in Basel?
It must sound really boring, but I like to stay home! I like to stay in and cook for myself, or with my family and friends. When I am at tournaments I am eating all the time at restaurants, so when I’m home I like to be able to cook for myself and just relax around my apartment. It may sound boring but I think it’s normal for people who spend so much time away.

Which place in the city is the most special for you?
I like to walk along the river, close to the Trois Rois hotel.

One of Basel's most famous people is Roger Federer. You once said that you admire Rogers professionalism on and off the court. If you could steal one skill from Roger, what would it be?
Probably his composure: he looks so relaxed when he plays. I have heard that he was a lot more emotional on court when he was younger, so it’s amazing to see how much he has changed.

Talking about Roger - if you’d had to choose between Roger and Novak Djokovic winning a match, who would you take?
I’ve known Novak since we were four, so I have to choose Novak! We used to play together sometimes at tournaments and we know each other well, so I can’t choose Roger in this case!

As a child you wanted to become a CIA agent. Now you have shown an interest in fashion and even in Hollywood. Where will we see you when you stop playing tennis?

It’s very hard to say. I’m sure I’ll still be involved in tennis in some way, but definitely not as a coach. I will maybe move into business. I’ll probably spend a couple of years travelling and relaxing, and during that time I’ll think a lot more about my second career.

Photo: Vanidades / John Russo