Hello! (Serbia) magazine interview

Hello! (Serbia) magazine interview

Ana is featured in the new issue of Hello! magazine in Serbia.

The following is a translated transcript of the interview:
What are your impressions of this year's Australian Open? What do you focus the most during the tournament?
Overall it was a great tournament for me. I knew I had prepared well for the new season but I tried not to have too many expectations. I was able to relax and enjoy me tennis, starting in Auckland. It was obviously a great feeling, to win my first title in over two years, and I took that form with me into the Australian Open. Beating Serena is one of the highlights of my career and I’m sure it is no surprise to hear that that is what I will take most from the event. It has given me a lot of confidence and I feel very positive about the rest of the season.

You have changed your associates, now working in a wholly Serbian team. What has this change brought to you? Is it easier to work with people from your homeland?
It’s created a very fun, positive environment. Having fells Serbs in my team helps, because they understand me so much better than foreigners. We use less words, because we understand each other’s thoughts and feelings due to our shared identity. Aside from that, we are all quite young and we fun together, joking around. But, most importantly, we are all very serious about achieving top results, and we motivate each other to do better.

How much do you hang out with the other players off the court? Did you go to cocktail parties and gatherings that the tournament organizers arrange or you're strictly focused on the game?
I am friends with quite a few players. Sorana Cirstea is my best friend. We go out to dinner together a lot, and we have even been on vacation together. I’ve become good friends with Flipper (Kirsten Flipkens) and we played doubles together in Auckland. We don’t really go out to bars or anything like that, but we like to go out to restaurants together, and of course we chat a lot in the locker room.

Was there a party that remained in your memory?
There are many! I have been fortunate to experience many great social gatherings. Traditionally the best players parties are held in IW. Wimbledon and NewYork. But recently the party Mr Branson organised at Necker last November is probably the best ever. 

Were your parents and your brother Miloš with you in Melbourne? How important to you is their support?
My parents were there, and my aunt and uncle live there. We’re all very close. I am even good friends with some of the Australian friends of my aunt and uncle. The highlight of the trip is always spending time with my family in Melbourne. Unfortunately my brother couldn’t be there, because he is soon finishing his studies in London, so he had to spend time at university.

You work much on your shape, as it's evident from the perfect line. What do you eat to be explosive on the court and at the same time very slim? It is known that carbohydrates provide energy, how many you ingest?
Because we spend so many calories on the court and in the gym, we can eat a lot without really gaining weight. Actually it is important to make sure you are taking on enough energy, to support your training. I have a good, balanced diet. I avoid friend foods and don’t eat much red meat, but I allow myself some treats like frozen yogurt or pancakes now and then. I eat a lot of pasta, fish and vegetables.

What are your professional, and what are the private goals for this year?
My goal is to get back to the top 10, and to qualify for the WTA Championships in Singapore. Fortunately I’ve started the season well, I’m in the top eight already and now I have to work