Die Press interview

Die Press interview

Prior to the Generali Ladies Linz, Ana gave an interview to Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

The following is an extract from the interview transcript:

Kimiko Date Krumm is 43 and is still performing on a very high level. Could you imagine playing until over 40?
No way! It’s amazing what she is doing. I think she is one in a million, such a special athlete. She even runs marathons. It’s amazing.

I read that you sometimes have to cry in the locker room after you have lost. Is that something which will never change, even if you are getting older and more experienced, because you are a very sensitive and emotional person?
Yes, I think it’s because of my personality. It’s a good thing actually, because it shows how much I care. I put so much concentration and emotion into each match, so sometimes there is an emotional reaction afterwards. But not after every defeat, just the ones that hurt most.

I think you regard Novak as a good friend. Are there any other guys on the ATP tour you get along very well, in a way he's a friend too? 
I’m friends with Rafa too. And Tipsarevic as well, Zimonjic and also Roger and Andy Murray. I’m friendly with a lot of the guys.