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Roland Garros 2005 retrospective May 23rd 2006

We begin our countdown to the 2006 French Open, which begins on Sunday, by looking at how Ana fared in last year’s competition

Round one – beat Stephanie Foretz 6-3, 6-3
Ana began Roland Garros 2005, only her second ever grand slam tournament, as the world No.31. Despite being so inexperienced at the highest level, the 17-year-old thrashed Frenchwoman Foretz in a polished display of power tennis. Ana hit 21 winners and broke her opponent six times as she eased into the second round.

Ana drops to No.21 May 22nd 2006

Ana has fallen one place in the latest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Rankings, which are published today. The drop is due to Martina Hingis’ victory in the Internazionali d’Italia in Rome, which vaults the Swiss into the world’s top 20.

Ana was inactive last week due to the thigh injury she sustained in Berlin a fortnight ago. Consequently, she also moves down one place to No.20 in the Porsche Race. Her doubles ranking stays at No.85.

Ask Ana #14 May 21st 2006

drum: Ana, you're so beautiful ! Can you still live a normal life at home, with school, boyfriends and such things?
Ana: Hi! Thank you very much for the compliment! Things have changed because I get recognized a lot when I go out in Belgrade but I try and live like I used to. I have the same friends and do the same things. I don’t think I’m a big star or anything like that. I am just Ana. Regards, Ana.

Ana stars in new 'television series' May 20th 2006

Ana is one of a dozen players currently starring in the “Get Closer to the Tour” television feature, a joint Sony Ericsson/Eurosport series of ‘vignettes’.

The aim of the programmes is to give viewers greater insight into the personalities of their favourite players. The series is divided into four themes: ‘The Real Me’, ‘Inspiration and Performance’, ‘My Tour and Travelling’ and ‘Hobbies and Interests’.

Ana named second best-looking player May 19th 2006

Ana has finished second in the ACE Hot List, the annual rundown of the world’s sexiest tennis players. In an extremely close poll, Ana was runner-up to Maria Sharapova.

In order to decide the top 10s, ACE Tennis magazine, Britain’s biggest selling tennis magazine, invited fans to vote for their ten favourite players online. Ten points were awarded for a first place selection, nine points for a second place choice, and so forth down to one point for a tenth place ranking.

Ask Ana #13 May 17th 2006

Vic: Ana, which City in Australia is better? Sydney or Melbourne? In all, when you were 5 yrs old, how many times did you beg your parents to take you to a local tennis school?
Ana: Hi Vic! My favourite city in Australia is Melbourne. The second question is funny! I don’t know how many times but I think it was probably for about one month! Regards, Ana.

Terry Voss: Would you consider yourself more of: Power player, Technician, or Defense oriented?

Ask Ana #12 May 16th 2006

Trent: Hi Ana, I Just wanted to know what your favorite subjects are in terms of schoolwork, and well, based on this, if you were not a tennis player, what do you think you would be? - Huge thank you for your time : )
Ana: Hi Trent. When I was younger I liked a lot maths but lately not so much. Lately I prefer History and Geography. But if I wasn’t a tennis player I would like to do something with languages. I like languages very much. Regards, Ana.

Ana remains at No.20 May 15th 2006

Ana stays at No.20 in the latest Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Rankings, which are published today. Her doubles ranking slips one place to No.85, while her position in the Porsche Race falls two places to No.19.

The 42 points Ana earned for reaching the third round of Rome last year were removed from her total, and replaced with the one point she was awarded with for losing in the first round of Berlin last week, albeit after retiring through injury when 6-1 ahead.

Ask Ana #11 May 13th 2006

sarnian: what's your ethnicity ? From your beautiful eyelids, it seems like a bit asian to me.
Ana: Hi. I am 100% Serbian and Montenegrin! Thanks for the compliment! Regards, Ana.

adario: Hey Ana, I saw your match against Elena Dementieva, hey don't sweat it, we all have bad days, what's life without adversity?.. anyways, my question is- how do you remain focussed, because I'm sure everybody want's something from you these days..

Ask Ana #10 May 11th 2006

Sabrina: Hey Ana! I really enjoy watching you play, and I had a lot of fun watching your match against Elena Dementieva because you two are my favorite players! I was wondering: Do you get nervous before matches, and if so how do you handle your nerves and not let them hurt your game?