Interview transcript

Interview transcript

The following is a transcript of a recent interview Ana gave with Polish media outlet Sportowefakty:

You've got fans all over the world, and also you have a great website where you contact them. Does this situation of lots of support help you during the matches, or rather you think of expectations of you and it's additional stress?
Thanks! Definitely it helps me in my career. It gives me some extra confidence knowing that there are people supporting me. It’s also very flattering. But when I am on the court I am not really thinking about this. I am focussing on my game and what I must do to win match.

How would you compare all the Grand Slams? You already have experience in playing in Grand Slam, so tell us which one is the most interesting and entertaining.
I really love the Australian Open. It is my favourite Grand Slam because I love Australia and also I have some family in Melbourne. I also really like Roland Garros too – beating Mauresmo there is one of my best memories.

Did you have any time for holiday in last years? If yes, can you tell us what's your favourite places to spend holiday?
Not so much unfortunately. For me the best holiday is to visit Belgrade and spend time with my family. At the end of last season I had a great week visiting them. I went with my friends to a 50 Cent concert on my birthday. We had a very good time.

You were born and raised in Belgrade. Are there any places in Belgrade you could recommend to visit during holiday?
I can definitely recommend visiting Old City. There are beautiful views of the rivers Sava and Danube. You can also go to a floating restaurant on the river and there is often live music too.

There are also two beautiful mountains about three or four hours by driving from Belgrade. Kopaonik is ski resort and Zlatibor is not so high (1000m) but there you can find beautiful valleys and forests. Definitely I can recommend visiting them.

Is it true you have a great contact with Novak Djoković. Do you get in touch during tournaments, for ex. by phone? Or maybe professional tennis doesn't leave any time for that?
Me and Novak are good friends. We’ve known each other since we were four or five. It’s unbelievable that now we are both competing as professionals when we didn’t even play tennis when we first meet! We got on very well and it’s been great to have someone to kind of grow up with in tennis. We occasionally practice together in Belgrade but I see him mostly at tournaments. We keep in touch by phone.

How about Jelena Janković. Are you kind of friends, or you're rather big rivals?
I can’t say we are friends but we get along. We’re not rivals. There are so many girls on the Tour, I don’t have any rivals. Instead I am competing against everyone and doing my best to reach the top.

How do you prepare to a match? Do you concentrate in silence, or listen to some loud music? If you listen to the music, what kind of music do you prefer?
I like to be alone for the hour before match. I listen to music and sometimes play Sudoku or backgammon. It helps me relax. Then maybe 15 or 10 minutes before match I really focus on the match thinking about tactics and these things. For music I like all kinds, some R and B and also Serbian.

You are very ambitious and optimistic person. Wins are what we all like, but how do you deal with losses? Do you quickly forget about them, or remember them for a long time?
I think I am quite good at dealing with defeats. I hate to lose but I try to stay positive and learn from every defeat. Of course some losses are more disappointing than others.

I know that you know and admire Roger Federer. Did you get any chance of playing at least a game against him. And if yes; did you win, or lose?
Actually I have never practiced with him, but I have seen him during training period in Switzerland. We talked a little bit. He’s a very nice guy, friendly and down to earth.