Ask Ana #1

Ask Ana #1

Today we publish the first answers in our re-launched Ask Ana feature, the section of the site that allows you to ask Ana your own questions. Many thanks for all your questions so far. We hope to have more answers from Ana shortly.

Lena: Hi Ana! You've just appeared on the tennis scene and you're already a star! I wish you all the best and want to ask you a question: I know that you're tall - 1.83 m, I'm tall, too - I'm 1.78m. You know, I'm very embarrased of my height cause in usual life I'm much taller than other girls, and I kinda feel bad about it. Do you have such problems? Please answer, it's very important to me and my self-esteem! Thank you.
Hi Lena! Thanks for your compliment. I really like that I’m tall. I don’t have a complex about it, actually I wish I was a little bit taller! I think it’s very nice when you see tall people. Don’t be embarrassed! There is nothing to be worried about. Regards, Ana.

Katie...: Ana, if you weren't playing tennis, what career would you ultimately wish to have? Love, Katie
Hi Katie! I think if I wasn’t playing tennis I would like to do something with languages. Maybe interpreter? Regards, Ana.

John Dickson: Hey Ana! You played great at the Pacific Life Open! Do you like traveling around the world or can it take its toll on you sometimes?If you anwser I will greatly appreciate it!
Hi John! Thank you very much for your compliment. I think I am very lucky to be able to travel the world and play tennis. I really love it! Visiting all these new places and different cultures, I am very thankful. But you are right, it can get little bit tiring so it’s important to choose the right schedule. Also you want to be able to go back to visit your friends and family who you miss very much. Being away from my family is very difficult. I love that my mum travels with me but of course I miss very much my dad, my brother, other relatives and my friends. Regards, Ana.

Sedar: I admire your talent and determination to be a one the best in tennis, I can’t wait to see you on top of the game! You seem to like golfing, how often do you have chance to play and how good is your game ? Sedar
Hi Sedar! I’m not very good at golf! I only played it one time in Perth. I had lots of fun, it was very nice, but I’m not too good. But hopefully I will get a chance to play again. Regards, Ana.

CChris0210: Hi ANA, how many hours tennis players sleep ??, for example : from 23:00 to 6:00 ..... , bye and good luck
Hi Chris! Actually I like to sleep more! Nine or ten hours per night is good for me! Regards, Ana.

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