Get even closer. Ana's diary!

I am quite happy competing again Oct 20th 2005

I could not wait to come out on the court again. Especially here in Zurich where I practice often and where I played so well last year. I always believed I can win this match and at the end the victory came through. It was very close, I wasted three match points in the second set but to her credit Tatiana also played well. Whenever I dropped my level of play she was there, threatening.

I am happy to be on the tour again Oct 5th 2005

I am disappointed with the result against Patty. On the other hand, considering what I had to go through in the past month or so, I am happy to be able to practice properly and to be back on the tour again.

I know that in time I’ll get back to my best but yesterday I felt I could not play to my full potential. The fact that I could not practice for three weeks might explain this.

We are on our way to Filderstadt Sep 30th 2005

We are on our way to Filderstadt. After such a long break, I am really happy to go for a tournament again. I am driven by desire to compete and now I got to a stage where I really miss it.

This will be my first time to play in Filderstadt. I see it as a new challenge. I spent two days in Zurich with Pierre and Zoltan. One more fitness training accompanied by tennis practice. It was hard but we always find ways to make it enjoyable.

I have to be patient Sep 23rd 2005

The decision to cancel Luxembourg was taken in consultation with my doctor and the team. I am not happy about it but I understand that I must not rush it because the injury may well come back and make it even worst.

I know that if I am to play the rest of the indoor season fully fit, I simply have to be patient with my return to tennis. In the mean time I am continuing with my fitness program.

Thanks for all your support and hopefully see you in Filderstadt!

I look forward to a good indoor season Sep 13th 2005

I am working on my fitness with an emphasis to strengthen my shoulder so I can avoid the type of injuries I had recently.

I look forward to a good indoor season. Last year in Zurich I played my first indoor tournament and I adapted well to the surface and indoor conditions.
This year I intend to play five indoor tournaments, Luxemburg, Filderstadt, Moscow, Zurich and Linz. According to the list of participants this will be a good opportunity to match up with some top players.

Many thanks for the support. In the mean time I'll try to get back to full fitness.

I don’t want to look back Sep 3rd 2005

Many thanks for all the support you've sent me!

At the moment I am focusing getting over the injury and becoming 100% fit for the upcoming tournaments which start in 3 weeks time. I am disappointed as the things in Toronto and US open did not go as planned. The injury happened in the worst moment but I don’t want to look back.

I now have enough time to prepare for Luxembourg. Last year I played the quarter finals in one my first WTA tournaments so I am really looking forward playing in front of Luxembourg audience again.

See you soon,

I arrived to NY Aug 28th 2005

I arrived to NY on Wednesday and from Thursday started practicing. I am really happy that I am fit again and that I can practice without injury problems.

This is my fourth US Open. I was here twice as a junior and this is my second time as a senior.

My first opponent is Lindsay Lee-Waters. I never played her before so I don’t know what to expect but as always I’ll go out with confidence and play my best game.

I'll be ready for US open Aug 23rd 2005

I was very disappointed that I had to withdraw from the Rogers Cup.

I was looking forward to play against Kim; she is one of the top players on the tour and I always get inspired and motivated when playing those matches. It was an awful feeling when I realised that I had to withdraw.

The recovery is going well. I have physio and stretching every day and I started with light practice. I think in a few days I’ll be match fit again.

Thank you all for your support and for your very kind emails.

Bye for now, see you soon,

I feel refreshed Jul 22nd 2005

After a short break I feel refreshed and I am back on the tennis courts.
I am working on my fitness and I also started hitting on the fast surface in order to prepare for Toronto and US open. We are traveling to Canada in early August.

I look forward to the forthcoming challenges and hope to do well.

thank you for your incredible support.


Win against Amelie May 29th 2005

Dear fans,

Thanks for your messages. I appreciate very much that you follow my games. I am grateful for all the support and kind messages you left for me.

Be sure that I am reading all your messages regularly and they motivate me to prove my self even more.

Yesterday it was really tough against Amelie, especially as she was supported by 15000 very noisy French supporters but that gave me extra motivation and I was determined to win against this double challenge. This victory means a lot to me and I will do my best to win today also.