Get even closer. Ana's diary!

Happy New Year Jan 3rd 2006

First of all, happy new year to all my fans and supporters. I am sure that in 2006 we will share many happy moments.
Here in Perth the Hopman cup tournament and surrounding events is well underway. Apart from regular practice there are many entertaining activities. As an example, we played tennis and golf with so that each team had a pro tennis player, a pro golf player and a representative from the organizing committee. The Golf course is very close to the hotel and it felt good spending a few hours outdoors.

Novak and I arrived first Dec 27th 2005

After nearly three weeks in Melbourne we arrived in Perth. Burswood Resort is a fantastic place; the stadium for the Hyundai Hopman Cup matches, hotels and restaurants are all very close to each other. The hosts are really nice and made us feel welcome.

The conditions in melbourne Park are ideal Dec 9th 2005

I am in Melbourne for a few days now. After the initial and customary acclimatisation process, which included waking up at 5am, I have launched straight back into full-blown training. The conditions are ideal; the temperature is 25 degrees, and thanks to the very kind hosts here at Melbourne Park, everything else is also perfect. Furthermore, I’ll have a chance to practice with Australian players and I think that I could not have picked a better place to prepare for the forthcoming season.

My second week in Switzerland is nearly over Dec 2nd 2005

My second week in Switzerland is nearly over. I am tired but happy. The first part of the preparations for the new season is going as planned. Teamwork with Zoltan and Pierre on the court is always interesting but sometimes hard as well. However, this is the time of year when I can do the most regarding my physical fitness.

My non-tennis related activities are cut down to minimum. Most of the free time I spend reading. At the moment I am absorbed by “The Memoirs of the Last Empress of China”. I like historical novels and discovering new things about different parts of the world.

A week in Lausanne went fast Nov 26th 2005

A week in Lausanne went fast. Trainings, tennis, massage… I fell very well, much better then I expected. Only light soar muscles. Pierre says that I got used to his specific exercises and his way of working. I remember that only a few months ago I felt very tired after these exercises. Now, I even have energy left to walk around the town.

Our hotel is in Lausanne city centre. We are surrounded by boutiques and restaurants and the streets with Christmas decorations look fantastic. Last night I went to see a movie, a thriller Flight Plan. Movies are my favourite past times.

It felt great playing in Belgrade Nov 24th 2005

Hello Everybody
I am going back to work after spending three exciting weeks at home. First, it was my birthday. I spent it with my family and my friends and I enjoyed it very much. I went out a lot as well, Belgrade is famous for having lots of places to go out and have good time.

There was lots of excitement about the Charity match for rebuilding the Avala TV tower near Belgrade. I enjoyed the match against Novak. Being on the tour for the last few years I kind of forgot how great is playing in the city of my birth.

End of season… Oct 31st 2005

I fell like this season ended too soon for me. During the last two tournaments I could feel that I am getting better and better, I had a good rhythm and started hitting something like my best form from the very beginning of the season.

Yet another defeat against Patty. It is hard to believe that on all three indoor tournaments I played this year I lost to Patty. This time I played better and got closer. I think I know what is the best tactics to play Patty and I am sure next time I’ll do much better.

The match against Asagoe was not easy Oct 26th 2005

The match against Asagoe was not easy, she is very fast and I had my tactics somewhat wrong in the first set. Anyway, the first round is always difficult, new surface, new surrounding…

Today is the day for relaxing and resting. I had my morning practice, massage and then went for a stroll along Danube. The city centre is only about ten minutes walk from our hotel. Beautiful architecture, lots of restaurants and very tempting shops.

Lots of love

It has been a real pleasure Oct 24th 2005

It has been a real pleasure getting into semi-final in Zurich, even though I lost to Patty again I am very happy with my achievement there. I might have been a bit lucky in the first round against Tatiana but in the other two matches I won, against Jelena and Katarina, I felt really confident and I was hitting the ball very well.

I feel brilliant Oct 22nd 2005

I feel brilliant and every match I play, I get better. Today, against Katarina, I never expected and easy win especially after she played so well against Amelie. That is why started strong and never allowed her to dictate the match.

I am really happy with the way I served today. I think I won a few games with hardly any play at all, only strong and well placed serves.

I am looking forward to playing Patty again. I think that I know her game now and I am sure I can play better then I did in the two previous matches against her.

See you soon