Get even closer. Ana's diary!

Let the Games begin! Jul 23rd 2012

I arrived in London yesterday for the Olympics. There's so much energy and excitement in the air. This is a very special time to be in London and I feel privileged to be here.

I've dreamed about playing in the Olympics for many years, and withdrawing from the 2008 Beijing Games was probably the toughest moment of my career.

Being in the Olympic Village in China, with all the other athletes, and practising at the facility, it just adds to my expectation and eagerness to step onto court here to compete.

Spring update Jun 15th 2012

I wasn't sure if I should call this a summer update or spring: it is June, after all, but I've just arrived in London and it's hard to say that it's summer!

Everyone is telling me what terrible weather it's been in England lately: I hope it improves in time for the grass court season but it doesn't look very promising.

Mind you, it wouldn't feel like England if it was amazing sunshine every day: I have become used to this weather during all the trips I've made here since I was a junior.

Progress report Mar 18th 2012

As I write this I still feel a lot of frustration regarding my Indian Wells semi-final. I felt like I was playing very well and had a good chance to win it when I became injured. I know it’s part of the sport, and it’s probably the most difficult part!

Australia in review Jan 24th 2012

I leave Melbourne with mixed emotions, but overall I'm happy. I played some good tennis and only lost to a great player who is maybe the very best on the Tour at the moment.

It's been an exhausting month of tournaments. I played three tournaments in a row and it took a lot out of me. I've decided not to go back to Europe for the Fed Cup. I've only just recovered from the virus I picked up during the Australian Open, and I'm going to be very careful with my schedule and traveling this year, considering the Olympics and the packed summer months.

Happy New Year! Dec 29th 2011

It's almost here! I can't say I was bored during the off-season, because I have really enjoyed my time in Australia so far, but I've really missed competing.

I came to Australia straight from Bali actually, and spent time with Adam at tournaments in Sydney and Melbourne. I also visited my family in Melbourne.

End of season thoughts Nov 12th 2011

What an exciting end to the season that was. Often, after the US Open ends, thoughts turn straight away to the following season because that's when the next Grand Slam takes place: the majors are always my main focus.

Coaching update Jul 17th 2011

It’s been a very eventful few weeks – a lot has happened since I last wrote.

A few months ago I decided I needed to appoint my own coach, but the most important thing was that I chose the right one. I was prepared to wait for that, and I’m fortunate that I am working with Nigel Sears with half of the season still to go.

I’m also very happy to have Scott back in the team, as my fitness trainer. We’ve always got on so well and achieved some very good results together. He knows me as well as any coach and I’m confident that he can help me achieve my goals.

Update from Wimbledon Jun 24th 2011

A lot of people this week have commented on what a dramatic tournament it has been already. The Venus-Date match was an obvious highlight and there have been a lot of exciting matches. Personally, I have had two thrilling match days, mainly because of the weather.

Heading to Rome May 6th 2011

It’s taken me a few days to get over my defeat on Sunday. It’s a tough one to explain: I was in control of the match, leading by a set and a break, but I somehow lost confidence and Mattek-Sands took full advantage.

Match preparation May 2nd 2011

I’m often asked by friends what the locker room at a tournament looks like. They really vary, to be honest: at a Grand Slam they are large and there are usually two of them, whereas at smaller tournaments they are far more compact, usually with just the bare necessities. At the larger ones there are sofas and I’ve even seen a hot tub.

I like to relax as much as I can before a match, so I try to find a peaceful space. I will often sit on one of the sofas and read a book while I’m waiting for my match to be called.