Training in California

Training in California

I’m currently training in California with my new coach Heinz Gunthardt. Things are going well: I am learning a lot from him, and I’m feeling more confident about my game.

The timing of the New York exhibition couldn’t be any better, considering that we have just started working together: it gives us the opportunity to try some things out in a serious setting, but one that is not as pressured as a tournament.

After the New York exhibition it’s not too long before the two big tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami begin, and Heinz will be there too. After those events we will evaluate our work together and decide where to go from there. Hopefully it will be long-term.

I’ve been practising hard and haven’t done anything especially interesting in the evenings. I was very eager to get back onto the practice court as soon as my injury cleared up, and we haven’t wasted any time, practising twice a day most days.

We will monitor the health of my shoulder. We have to be careful, and it could influence how many tournaments I can enter in the next few months. I want to play more matches, but I must manage it properly.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. My manager’s parents gave me a great gift last year: the Amazon Kindle. It’s an electronic device on which you can read books. It’s perfect for me: I can just download all the books I want, wherever I am, instead of going to bookstores to buy them. It’s very convenient.

During this trip I have been reading Monica Seles’ autobiography, “Getting a grip”. I find it fascinating to find out more about what she was going through during her extraordinary career, with many ups and downs on and off the court.

There are many good steakhouses in this area and we’ve been going quite often. I am here with Heinz, my fitness trainer Damian and also my mom. But most nights I just take it easy with room service, as I prefer to save my energy considering that our practice sessions are quite intense.

I hope to have time for some shopping in New York, but I'm not sure as it will be a hectic trip!