Coaching update

Coaching update

It’s been a very eventful few weeks – a lot has happened since I last wrote.

A few months ago I decided I needed to appoint my own coach, but the most important thing was that I chose the right one. I was prepared to wait for that, and I’m fortunate that I am working with Nigel Sears with half of the season still to go.

I’m also very happy to have Scott back in the team, as my fitness trainer. We’ve always got on so well and achieved some very good results together. He knows me as well as any coach and I’m confident that he can help me achieve my goals.

Although I am excited about the months ahead, I have to be patient – it’s going to take time for the hard work to pay off. Always when you have a new coach there is extra motivation in the beginning, and that can create some good results. But the changes that you make together take time to flourish, and it will be some time, probably next season, when I am in a position to really reach my potential.

The next six or seven weeks are going to be intense: I play five tournaments, including the US Open. There are a lot of ranking points available and a lot of opportunities to face the top players. That’s something that I am looking forward to doing, if all goes well.

There is something far, far more important than anything like training and matches that I want to mention, and that’s Alisa Kleybanova and her recent diagnosis of cancer. Like all the other girls on the Tour, I was so shocked and very saddened to hear it.

Alisa is a lovely person and I really wish her the very best in her fight with this illness. It really puts into perspective everything that we do on the court and shows that there is nothing more important than your health, and the health of your family and friends.