About Ana

Happy New Year! Dec 31st 2014

Ivanovic is a really super nice girlNov 17th 2009

"Ivanovic is a really super nice girl. I know her a little bit more, and I’m a big fan of hers."

Lindsay Davenport, former world No.1

Marca Plus Interview Feb 25th 2015

Ana was recently interviewed by Marca Plus, the digital magazine of leading Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

The following is a translated extract from the question-and-answer session:
Just a year ago, you started 2014 beating the powerful Serena Williams and recently you were in the final of Brisbane against Sharapova. What are the goals do you expect to achieve this season?

Did you know?

  • As a child, Ana trained in an empty swimming pool in Belgrade. The April 11 sports center housed an Olympic-sized pool but could not afford to keep it heated during the winter, so installed carpet courts
  • Ana still has her first ever racquet, which her father gave her for her fifth birthday. It's in the cupboard of her bedroom
  • Ana is a superstitious person. Among her luck-related rituals are avoiding stepping on the lines of the court and wearing certain outfits. If she finds a coin during a tournament, she always keeps it for good luck