About Ana

Happy New Year! Dec 31st 2014

Ivanovic is a really super nice girlNov 17th 2009

"Ivanovic is a really super nice girl. I know her a little bit more, and I’m a big fan of hers."

Lindsay Davenport, former world No.1

Storybook interview Apr 8th 2015

Ana was recently interviewed by Storybook, a high-end lifestyle magazine in the Balkans.

The following is a translated extract:

Working in the gym you had on your t shirt following words:" dream, suffer, succeed". Is this your life motto?

Did you know?

  • As a child, Ana trained in an empty swimming pool in Belgrade. The April 11 sports center housed an Olympic-sized pool but could not afford to keep it heated during the winter, so installed carpet courts
  • Ana still has her first ever racquet, which her father gave her for her fifth birthday. It's in the cupboard of her bedroom
  • Ana is a superstitious person. Among her luck-related rituals are avoiding stepping on the lines of the court and wearing certain outfits. If she finds a coin during a tournament, she always keeps it for good luck